Mridula Vichitra:

A College of Art, Delhi alumni retired as Head of the Art Department, Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, after three decades of imparting art education to students of all ages. She has conducted workshops with children from the Rudolf Steiner School (Zurich), American School, NGOs and Institutions in India and abroad.

Her art practice is unique and she is probably the only artist in India working in the medium of print-making with natural plant pigments. 

As an artist, she contributes actively to the Nature Printing Society of America, publishing papers and articles on her unique methodology.


Mohit Khanna:

A practising professional photographer for over 20 years, specialising in fashion and product photography. Having worked with big brands and renowned personalities, he has an impressive portfolio to his credit.


Akrant Vichitra:

A College of Art, Delhi alumni, brings to the table 25 years of design and advertising experience. He has an impressive profile of designing museums, interpretation centres and advertising campaigns. Travel, trekking and photography are an enduring passion for him.